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Saturday, September 03, 2005
katrina current/aftermath: ways to donate
Not like we don't all know to send money to the Red Cross, but here are a few more links to various interesting donation methods—not that the non-interesting methods are any less worthy! [I am not at all criticizing anyone who doesn't donate, because the economy does suck, but if there's any way to squeeze a couple bucks out of a budget, think about doing it...and if you can't, then think good thoughts for everyone.]

- Donate money, get a prize! We shouldn't need any incentive besides the tug of compassion toward our fellow humans (and animals) but some bloggers are offering goods and services in exchange for proof of donations. For instance, gzombine is offering "a bag of absolutely incredible stone-ground grits (along with instructions for what to do with said grits, including a N’awlins-appropriate shrimp 'n' grits recipe)" and Ted at Crooked Timber offers a mix CD. I'm sure there are a ton of others. If I could think of a service to offer, I'd do the same thing.

- Colleges and Universities across the country are opening their doors to displaced students, to various degrees. Some schools are accepting only Tulane students, some are only admitting to specific departments, some are only accepting students from their home states who were going off to school in an affected area. Find out what's up on your campus, and see if there isn't something you can do for these students (besides, of course, letting them into your already-overloaded classes). For instance, the entire Cal State system is essentially welcoming anyone remotely resembling a student, taking a "just get here, we'll work shit out later" approach. Also, service-oriented schools are organizing response teams to go and do something, like Warren Wilson (awesome school) which currently has a couple trips lined up in the next few months.

- Network for Good lives up to their name and lists fifty or so organizations for which you can earmark domations through their site. You can target resources, animals, children, rebuiding efforts, etc.

- Crafters United, a shop that is "a partnership between Craft Revolution and Etsy with a goal of raising funds for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund." IOW, crafters getting together and selling goods to other crafters or regular folks, and all proceeds go to the Red Cross. Some cool stuff, all for a good cause. [via pesky'apostrophe, who is knitting up some hats

- At Flickr, the Katrina Relief Auction Group is raising funds for American Red Cross Emergency Relief by auctioning off images of prints to the highest bidder. It's a really grassroots affair, operating mostly on good faith dealings. View the listings of current offerings via the discussion thread, or in the group pool. Here's a random example of a print being offered.

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