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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
a kick-ass musician needs a helping hand
Caroline Aiken is one of those extraordinarily talented musicians-you've-never-heard...or if you're really hip and/or have spent any time in coffeehouses in the South over the last twenty-plus years, you have heard of her and you know she's awesome.

She also just significantly thrashed her wrist—pins, plates, no mobility, etc—in a biking accident. From her site:
While riding her bike along a bike path in a small town in Georgia, guitarist and singer-songwriter Caroline Aiken had to strongly brake in order to avoid a car that had suddenly turned in front of her. Caroline was catapulted over her bike handles, landing with enough force to severely fracture her left wrist.

Sadly for her fans and for her, Caroline was to embark next week on her fall tour to promote her new CD, "Are We There Yet Mama?". The Tour was to take her throughout the United States and over to the British Isles, Germany and the Netherlands. At this time, all plans are for later in the spring of 2006 to return to Europe when, with rehab work on her wrist, she will be back to great form.
As you can imagine, it is exceptionally difficult to play the guitar with one hand. It is thus extremely difficult to perform, teach, and otherwise use your hands to make a living when one of them is pinned and plated and doesn't bend.

So. There's a benefit at Eddie's in Decatur on October 21st. All the usual suspects will be there, because probably 99% of them wouldn't be where they are without Caroline. Certain blue women included. If you're nearby, go to it. Throw a buck in the hat. Buy a CD (or 2 or 3). If you can't go because you live far away (that would be me), buy a CD or send a donation to: Bond Community Federal Credit Union, c/o Caroline Aiken Fund, P.O. Box 5286, Atlanta, Ga. 31107 and reference account # 14332003-01.

For more information on Caroline, check her web site, which includes a discography with sound clips. She's awesome, and now she's hurt, and that sucks. Help her if you can.


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