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Saturday, October 01, 2005
sure, developing enterprise applications is difficult, but so is essay-writing
Lucky for me, I get to do both. What fun! Oh, the excitement! Or not.

It is very difficult to develop enterprise apps (ok, so I'm only developing the one right now, and hopefully that will be it for the rest of my life, but somehow I doubt it) during the week and then wake up on Saturday morning all prepared to be scholarly. Should that be scholar-like? Or scholar-lite? Anyway, it's difficult.

I just finished the first of my two writing assingments due next week. I did the easier one first, as I am wont to do with...everything in my life, actually. This assignment (AmLit course) was just a short critique of an essay that may or may not figure into our seminar projects. In my case, it will not, because I don't agree with the points made and ultimately the article doesn't really fit with what I'm going write about anyway. But it was the article I had read the closest when it was time to sit down and write a critique, so there you go. [The essay is Joseph Csicsila's "Louisa Ellis and the Unpardonable Sin: Alienation from the Community of Human Experience as Theme in Mary Wilkins Freeman's 'A New England Nun'" in American Literary Realism 30.3 if any of you care, and if you do care then you're a huge geek but that's ok.]

Now I think I have to switch over to some work stuff (although not the Enterprise App Taking Over My Life), namely a zip-code search function for a database of golf courses that provide equipment and access for disabled golfers. Seriously. One of our clients is an organization behind increasing opportunities for disabled folks to play golf, and this is one of their projects. I'll maybe say something next week about them, because it is important.

Then I have to write a formal analysis of Chesnutt's "The Wife of His Youth."

Then it's back to the Enterprise App Taking Over My Life, and the following weekend I'll be writing a book review of Providence Tales and the Birth of American Literature. Also, I've kept up with all my reading in my three classes. I think I should get a cookie as a reward. Or cake. Or both!


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