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Monday, October 17, 2005
two things from Saturday
I totally forgot to tell the Blogosphere all about these really REALLY important things from Saturday:

- My car got four new tires


- I had a good experience at a coffeeshop

I know, how could I have forgotten to tell all of you??!?!??

Let me just say that I really like the Just Tires franchise. I'll probably find out they're some really red company or their tires are really made by babies in sweatshops or something, but the last two times I've had to get tires for my car(s) I've had lovely experiences. In 2001 I needed new crappy tires for crappy Kia Sportage, and was in and out in 30 minutes and everyone was polite and the job was well done. Now I have a nicer car, one that requires something more than the 4 for $100 tires, so I was saving up to get this done. Given that my alignment was a little wacky and one tire was showing threads, I figured this weekend was the time. So I called them on Friday and said I needed 4 Dunlop SP Sport FM901 195/50R16 (that's for you tire geeks out there (Dad)) and they ordered them for the next day. I said I'd come in around noon on Saturday, but I went in a couple hours earlier. No worries, they were all ready and took care of the four tires and an alignment in like an hour and a half. I read Ethan Frome while waiting. They were ever so nice and totally made me feel good about dropping $578. At least I don't have a Mini Cooper like my pal, who dropped a grand on just two tires. Anyone out there who owns a Mini Cooper, PAY ATTENTION to what the manufacturer says about tire rotation. Otherwise you'll be shelling out a ton o' cash far sooner than you should. My Mazda? No such requirements. Just "don't drive over nails" and stuff like that.

But before I went to the tire shop, I went back to Barefoot Coffee, which I wrote about before when I was terribly disappointed with the customer service and general atmosphere. I had been in a few other times and the baristas—while still making an excellent cup of coffee or espresso drink—were just so...pretentious and/or surly. Totally not a place I wanted to park myself for a couple of hours because the vibe was just so negative. Anyway, I went in on Saturday and Andy Newbom if you're reading this, you should make all your baristas take customer service and general attitude lessons from whomever it was that was working Saturday morning. So nice, so customer-oriented, so professional. That's the kind of place I'll drive ten miles out of my way to visit. Plus, the coffee was really good as usual. I had some limited offering fair trade something or other; I was determined to remember the name (something berry, something Americas, something oh hell I don't recall) but alas I did not. See, I was so thrilled at the lovely customer service that I plum forgot. I hope it's like that next weekend, because I really would like to go back.


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