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Thursday, November 10, 2005
following up to random/tired
I'm going to respond to all the comments to this post in this post, because otherwise I'll just confuse myself and others.

Scriv: yes, that randomizing thing will make Dr. M and others happy. Also, it can be used for random taglines as well, meaning that dear Pilgrim/Heretic can use ALL the fun tag lines...

Dr. M: you simply must tell me who you know at my school! Except if they're not in English I probably don't know them. Unless you know Dr. Free-Ride. Also yeah, I know about the whole taking-advantage thing, and I'm the one that offered my services to two profs in particular, motivated for purely political reasons I admit. I mean, I really dig both of them and I dig their projects and I know I can be of great service to them, but it's also for the recommendations and connections that come with the work. In the case of helping Mel and her projects, she knows if she even thought about having anyone else help her from a technical aspect, I'd kick her butt. (Hi Mel!)

Jane Dark: You will kick ass in your presentation, I think we all know that. :) Yes, my odd classmate is very odd. I honestly do not even think she knows which program she is in: MA or MFA. She says MA, and she's taking the MA methods class (the MFA folks have their own class) as well as literature classes but when she printed her handout it printed the document location in the footer and it clearly said "Master_of_Fine_Arts" so who the hell knows. When she gave her book presentation last week I almost had to leave the room for an extended period of time because it was so very painful. Enough about her (until she does something crazy). I know the Romantics class will be the big six plus Inchbald and Landon, not sure about others yet. We are also going to be "guided by" Gaull's English Romanticism: The Human Context. You also ask: "Do you ever distrust something because it sounds as though it's trying to make something sound extra-fun when you already thought that it was dazzling?" Depends on the day. Typically yes, in everything except newly-minted PhDs teaching their first grad seminar ever. In this instance, I totally understand.

Pink Cupcake: I highly recommned ditching law and going back to literature. :) But now we have to discuss bubble tea. Jane's diagram is accurate, but she forgot to mention the coolness of the vacuum-sealed plastic lid and the sharp-ended extra-fat straws. Oh wait, maybe I'm the only one who thinks they're cool. Now, the truth is that "bubble tea" really isn't "tea" per se...unless it is. More like a fruit and cream drink with a wee bit of tea-like stuff in it. The boba (little tapioca blobs) are optional, but without the boba, the typical bubble tea would just be a smoothie and not so much a tea. But let it be known that when I go to a bubble tea place, as I discussed here last year, I often do not get the "bubble tea" to which Jane refers. Often I get actual tea, often milk tea (e.g. tea with milk). For instance, see the drink menu for Quickly, one of the bubble tea places I often visit. Tons of milk tea types. I often get Almond Milk Tea, with the boba. I could also get regular tea with boba (no milk) and I could get it all iced or hot. It gets complicated when we move into the icy drinks versus the snow drinks, and the various differences therein. But really, think hot or cold drink plus flavor plus chewy chunks of tapioca. Fun for all. I have not moved into the realm of puddings or vinegar drinks, because really, they scare the hell out of me. But I like watermelon icy drinks with boba, and I can get those at the "bubble tea" place as well.

Michelle: My aversion to Middlemarch has roots that extend to my soul. I wrote about it a year ago here (other things in that post are a bit off as it was a year ago, but the story about why Middlemarch is what it is to me, it's true. Although I did read it and it didn't completely suck and I really won't mind terribly reading it again. I'm just not a Middlemarch person. I'm much more of a Hardy person, if I'm working with novels from that country.

Seeker: There's no "trying" polyphasic sleep for me. It's actually what I've done for years but until Mel blogged about it I didn't know it had a name. I just thought it was the weird way that I sleep!


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