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Sunday, November 27, 2005
sushi sushi sushi
So last night profgrrrrl was in town (not this town, per se, but a town somewhere nearby) and we went for sushi. My friends here don't eat sushi so going out for it is always a special occasion reserved for friends who have momentarily imported themselves to my area. I know all the sushi joints in my town and in the south bay in general, but I figured we should go somewhere different. I figured the good folks at SFist would have a foody opinion on sushi and lo and behold they did. SFist has reviewed several sushi joints in the city but almost always refers to their favorite, Hamano Sushi, in the other reviews. After checking the menu on the website, I figured that was the place to go. So, off we went.

Best. Sushi. Ever.

You can see some photos in profgrrrrl's post, and remarkably only a few people looked at us like we were crazy people taking photos of sushi. Actually, it was only profgrrrrl who took the photos because I kept screwing up the process of pressing the little photo-taking button. I don't know how, but it was embarrassing. No matter!

Because we are sushi pigs, we had:
- roll: salmon, white tuna, green onion, gobo fried in light crisp batter
- roll: tuna, avocado, tobiko
- roll: yellowtail, green leaf, lemon, black pepper (peppery!), red and green tobiko
- roll: fish tempura, cilantro, lemon wrapped in soy paper
- her nigiri: fatty tuna, salmon roe with quail egg, eel
- my nigiri: fatty tuna, flying fish roe with quail egg, ocean trout

I brought home five leftover roll pieces for lunch (yay!). We swapped with the roe+quail egg so each of us had one salmon roe and one flying fish roe. That was an experience. The taste was amazing—the best sushi I have ever had, bar none. forever and ever. If it were sushi of a lesser quality, I don't think I could have done the quail egg because it's purely a texture thing (it makes things all creamy and sweet) and lesser quality roe would have been too salty or fishy and that would have just made it disgusting rather than intense and good (it's a fine line).

I wish I knew more people around here who liked sushi, because I would go there a lot.


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