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Sunday, December 11, 2005
because I need to cross items off a list (hopefully)
I tend to write my lists in stepwise order, as you see below. I think it's the technical writer in me (documenting software and processes and what not). As I go alone, I'm not really following the order of the list...and I keep changing items in the list...but hey, things look like they're getting done.

Sunday night/Monday morning
- finish introductory section (5-6pp) of AmLit essay it was a good 1289 words, not 5-6pp but I'm happy with it note: so was my prof, who just took a virtual red pen to syntax and not ideas. hooray for not wandering into the Land of Misinterpreted Theories! I feel better about finishing this tonight.
- send introductory section to Douglass
- send theory essay to Mel and hope she doesn't make fun of me it lacked the concluding remarks when I sent it
- do something important and time-sensitive for work
- sit for a moment and eat something
- make some coffee
- take a nap yeah, I took a nap before I even started the darn thing. we'll see how that all plays out.
- do some work that has to happen before 5am Monday
- go to sbux (if it's 5am and they're open) and get venti drip w/ 2 add shots
- do some work that has to happen between 6am and 6:15am Monday
- write methods essay
- finish up 2 paragraphs of concluding remarks for theory essay and make other relatively minor changes within it
- print theory essay
- print methods essay
- work my boss says we're done, at 1:38pm. love my boss. hate my job/this industry, but it has nothing to do with my boss or her company, that's for sure. ok, so we started working today at 5am so it's all relative, but still. awesome.
- take methods and theory essays to campus and either put in boxes or slide under doors

edited to add... I turned in the methods and theory essays on Monday night, slipped all the required things under the doors of profs who certainly weren't on campus at 6:30pm. It was a little sad to also take some books back to the library, but not that sad. But it was funny how the parking garages were all very full at 6:30pm on a Monday, until I realized that it was also exam week so all the kiddies taking a final at 6 or 7pm were all dutifully parked on campus. We have a very full campus during the first week of class and exam week, and in-between not so much, go figure...


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