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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
an interstitial
...lest you all think I turned into a blogger who talks only about technical/geeky things, here's a post about school and books before I launch back into blog posts about technical/geeky things I've been meaning to write about.

The bookstore finally updated the catalog to include books for the spring semester, so I just finished my book-shopping and will hopefully have them all in-hand before the new year. Very exciting! That will give me almost an entire month to read ahead (classes start the 25th of January) so let's hope I do.

I have high hopes for this semester, for many different reasons. I'm stoked that the Romanticism seminar isn't just the big six, and I like the prof (she's one of the ones I'll be helping out from a technical standpoint). I'll dig the Victorian seminar because I took this prof's undergrad Victorian class and I know exactly how he'll teach this one and what will be required...and it's not an ass-kicking amount of work and I've read almost everything on the reading list already, so it'll be more of a refresher than an entirely new deal, allowing me to just sit back and listen to the guy prattle on about All Things Victorian, which he does very well (even if I am the only one who laughs at his little jokes, because I'm the only one who gets them). Finally, my AmLit (American Romanticism) course will rock hard because I enjoy all the authors (Whitman, Melville, Hawthorne, Poe, Dickinson (ok, not so much with the Dickinson), Emerson, Thoreau) and the prof is jolly and nice. He (judge of the annual AmLit prize, which he gave to me last year) and his wife (one of the profs I'm working with right now on her own research) like me quite a bit, and I like them, so it's one big lovefest really. Should be fun.

Ok, back to work now, and then I'll have a few more geeky blog posts before I get back into the cat/food/general-nonsense kind of blogging for which I am better known...


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