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Saturday, December 10, 2005
(very) quick hits
* Four days. Three papers. Really only two days because of work. Got very little done on them during the work week because of work (duh!). It is currently unclear how this is going to happen. But I did sit with some people from theory class and talk them through their papers. My paper in that class is the first on my list to complete, and should really be done before noon today. Then I will look at the 20 pages of notes and quotes and outline for my AmLit paper and start pulling that into an actual full draft, which I'll send off to the prof to take a gander at (he said he'd be available for reading anything we wanted to send up til the time we turn it in, and he meant it). Once that is off, I'll start on the wee paper (only 10-ish pages) for methods class. I have nothing more than a thesis statement actually written, and stack of books on my table, but as long as I don't get hit by a bus it'll be ok (it's all in my head, really).

* My parents sent me a lovely KitchenAid electric stand mixer, something I've wanted for a long time but never got around to buying. Of course, I got it the day after I made cookies... But I am looking forward to cooking and baking things that require more power than I can personally provide. Also, I have to do something with my recipes besides keep them all in a big stack on top of the microwave. But that's for another weekend.

* I got 2 new goldfish last night. In the last couple of weeks my fish population dwindled from 3 to 1, and goldfish need friends. I really had no concept of how much my goldfish had grown until I put the 2 new guys in the tank. They're about an inch and a half long, and the remaining fellow is like 4 times bigger than they are! He sure has grown since I got him. At first he thought the little guys were food but when he poked at them it looked like he went "oh crap, you're fish!" and the little guys ran away and hid and said something like "boy, you're one stupid fish, must stay on my toes." It's all good now.

* If you can donate blood during this holiday season, please do. I was eligible again this weekend (I last donated Oct 8th) but this weekend isn't happening and on Tuesday I have a dentist appointment so I'm not sure how long that rules me out for a donation. But it's around the holidays that blood banks try to get their inventory up. Especially you O- people (like myself) who are universal donors (every other blood type can use O- blood).


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