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Sunday, January 01, 2006
happy 2006!
It's windy and rainy here, which is fine for me (I like weather) except Californians Because California has a wimpy infrastructure, traffic lights go out even when it rains just a wee bit. When I was out driving yesterday morning, there were approximately eight lights out in various parts of town. At each one, I dutifully stopped and treated it like a 4-way stop. Or some kind of stop. The point is, I stopped. No other cars on the road stopped for a light that was out. Afraid I had missed a memo, I got home and IM'd my buddy and confirmed that indeed when lights are out, treat it as a stop. As in, stop. People are idiots.

But that has nothing to do with the new year, other than it made me very happy to stay inside last night and watch a basketball game and then some of the Law & Order:CI marathon and fall asleep at a normal time. I also cooked a casserole so there'd be no reason at all for me to leave the house for several days—coinciding with bad-weather (and therefore bad-driver) days.

Resolutions for 2006:
- go to the gym regularly (Does everyone resolve to do this? I started back to the gym on the 24th and have stayed on schedule since then. Sure, it's only a week but I've been there four times in that week and already feel better about things.)
- continue to try to maintain a halfway decent work/friendship with my boss (we have our moments, believe me)
- finish working on my house!! (I really have to do this if I'll be selling it and moving in summer '07!)

Ok sure, I resolved to do those things before the new year, and I'd be trying to do them regardless of the date, but I needed something to write...


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