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Thursday, January 12, 2006
I am the worst hostess ever!
So it's International De-Lurking Week and I posted about it and you lovely people responded and...

I promptly dropped off the face of the blearth. I suck!

So here are public thanks and welcomes to each and everyone, complete with linky love:
- Kiki, thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry to hear that your iPod needs a coat but I agree with your commenters who mentioned those little iPod socks.
- Jesse, I'm glad you took care of your itch.
- Phantom, you're not a lurker but you're one of my favorite visitors...and the only one to send me a hard copy of a photo of her kids, which is proudly displayed on my fridge and makes me smile everytime I see it.
- Hiya Bruce -- you win the prize for having the most unknown-to-me words on the index page of a blog (I learned all I know about space and technology from Star Trek, et al)!
- PnP, glad to see you over here and now that your blog has easier steps for commenting, I hope you get many! I'll be leaving some, I know.
- Hi Supa! Everyone, she has one of the cutest kids on all the Internets.
- Jo(e), there's a rumor going around the blogosphere that you keep saying you're shy. What's up with that? Aren't you always the first at the bar to pipe up with skinny-dipping ideas?
- Hi Sara! Yeah, my friends think I'm a big geek.
- Hey Neighbor Liz! I need to read your blog more.
- Tom, I'm also a fan of the Grape Nuts (not many people are, which is strange because they're so very yummy), but I don't know that jingle.
- Hi B*! You're not a lurker, but always nice to hear from you!
- KathyR, UI != "urinary infection" and my mom thinks you're funny. I don't know if I can be friends with you anymore. :)
- Hi Friday Mom! I read your blog all the time (so post more often!).
- To the Anonymous commenter from the library in New Jersey, hello anyway.
- Hey Susan! How is the Assam Harmony tea? I'm still working through my last shipment, and I think in the next batch I'm going to get all Rooibos—have you had any of them? I like the consistency of the tea as well as the flavors.
- Scrivener, no, you're certainly not a lurker, are you?
- Michelle, get thee a blog again!
- Hi Pink Cupcake—keep up your return to blogging!
- Tank, of course—go back to lurking. Incidently, you live in one of my favorite cities in the world.
- comebacknikki, I read The Boondocks too, and I also enjoy oatmeal.
- Seeker, you're such a goof.

Whew. I feel better now.


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