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Sunday, January 08, 2006
two updates on my blogger book (and one other)
I've finally posted errata for Sams Teach Yourself Blogging in a Snap. My errata page has a lot of text on it, despite the fact there are only one or two actual errors (and those are on the "nearly irrelevant" scale of errors)—the other text is clarification on things in layout, or a note about how something has changed in Blogger since the book went to print. I still have to write a few posts describing Blogger Backlinks, the additional comment moderation, and the AdSense subnav item under the Template tab in the Blogger user interface, and I should get to that soon because...

I'm currently working on the third edition of my Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache All-in-One book, which is (my editors tell me) one of their best-selling books. It'll be out in May, and finally it can be all about MySQL 5 and PHP 5, major versions which have been in various stages of "almost but not quite ready for prime time" throughout two previous editions of this book. So, this third edition should have a lot of changes.

The other bit of news about the Blogger book is that it's already in its second printing! First runs are about 5K copies, so that's pretty good for two months of selling. The second printing is the same edition, and nothing on the errata page gets changed before the second printing occurs. I only get to do real changes when it's a second edition of a book. But if this book keeps selling well, I'll probably get to do a second edition at the end of this year. Let's hope so!

Thanks for everyone who has bought it so far, or got a copy from me and said nice things about it. Feel free to say nice things about it at Amazon/other places where comments are attached to books being sold. :)


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