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Saturday, January 07, 2006
vote now! potluck dish showdown
I recently asked for ideas concerning what to bring to an upcoming (tomorrow) potluck. The hosts will be providing chicken (and beverages), and no one at the shindig is vegetarian. I had two ideas of my own, and then got lots of great ideas and recipes in the comments. So I narrowed it down to two dishes—my dad voted for corn risotto, and Scrivener provided a pasta recipe—and made both today. The idea is that whichever gets the most votes (or I just decide on my own in case no one votes!), I'll make it again tomorrow.

Without further ado:

recipe: creamy corn and garlic risottoCREAMY CORN AND GARLIC RISOTTO
I have no idea if this is the recipe my dad was talking about, but corn risotto is pretty basic: corn, risotto, cheese. In this case I got all crazy and found a recipe including garlic.

recipe: scrivener's 'comment pasta'SCRIVENER'S "COMMENT PASTA"
I've named this recipe "comment pasta" because Scrivener put the recipe in a comment and I didn't know what else to call it besides "pasta with stuff."

You'll note that I've refrained from commenting on taste. They are both awesome, and in completely different ways. Thus the need for outside help...

UPDATE I've decided to make the comment pasta because I realized that although the potluck is at 2pm I'm not sure when everyone will get there/when eating will happen and risotto tends to get gloopy-looking when it's in need of heat and I just can't have that (in public; I don't give a crap what food for myself looks like).



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