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Friday, February 03, 2006
literary speed dating
Mac discusses the new event of literary speed dating, which—if I were into such things—sounds like an interesting twist on this type of event. Of course, as Mac points out, you typically can't tell a thing about someone in six minutes, but if you were going to speed date, why not speed date with your three favorite books in front of you? The idea makes perfect sense to me:
"I think the books you like say a lot about you, not necessarily in a snotty way, but about who you are," Tom, 34, said. "If you both share a favorite book, there’s something really resonant about that." [from the Boston Herald article]
Ok then. Let's pretend this is a literary speed dating event, and since we're not really going to date each other, I can have literary speed dating crushes on girls OR boys (the horror!), everyone can have a crush on Scrivener, Phantom Scribbler, or Mel even though they're all happily married (not to each other), and everyone can have a literary speed dating crush on Dr. B except me, because she loves Middlemarch.

See? Fun for all.

That being said, here are my three books (in no particular order):
* Edgar Huntly (Chas. Brockden Brown)
* Germinal (Emile Zola)
* Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson)

And that, my friends, is the nutshell version of why I am single and likely shall remain so until the end of my days.

Everyone play!

here's another reason: I make painfully stupid (yet funny) jokes like the following. was sitting before class last night, discussing last semester's theory class with some people who were in it, and a fellow pipes up that he took the class the semester before us and got docked on a paper because he spelled the name of a theorist incorrectly and the prof said he just "couldn't get past that." So I said, "what, did you spell 'Derrida' as 'F-R-Y-E'?" and my friends laughed and the fellow was confused. But we thought it was hilarious, because we are geeks.


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