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Monday, February 20, 2006
sick and tired
I am sick and tired about a lot of things, but at this particular moment I am simply sick (cough cough, hack hack, snort snort) and tired (you know how cold & flu medicine usually knocks you out? it keeps me up all night).

Still behind on everything.

Classes are fine. I still love my American Romanticism seminar, even with the seven required presentations. I've done two, and they've both been of the "eh" variety, which is to say that I didn't say anything incorrect but I'm a terrible presenter. I do like the way the class works out, with the discussion driven by the eight presentations each week. Usually, the presenters are correct with regards to content (that one student keeps me from saying "all" instead of "usually," and she has reverted to presentation-as-"poetry," which is just painful) which makes the discussion good and useful.

I still have problems with some of the things in my British Romanticism seminar, which is to say I'm still doing the weekly responses incorrectly. My concluding paragraphs are always the ones that contain the stuff she wants us to write about, so for this week's writing I'm just going to start with my final paragraph and see what happens. I just don't like putting anything on paper that isn't supported by some sort of research. I discussed this problem of mine with one of my other profs and as I was saying "I don't like to just spew forth my thoughts, I like to..." and she cut in to say "have a thesis, do research, and turn it into a conference paper" which I thought was funny since obviously I've never gone to a conference but yeah, that's what I like to do. My hands have a block against typing words that haven't been vetted. I need to get over this, I guess.

Victorian seminar is fine. I do the reading, I nod in agreement a lot, or note some things in my notebook (I'm not really a note-taker in lectures, just when I read). Lest anyone think I don't take this class seriously, I do—it's just that the requirements for success in the class are not as stressful as my other courses. I appreciate that this seminar consists of my prof nattering on about all things Victorian, because the man knows a lot. I'd rather listen to him than I would to anyone else in the classroom, that's for sure.

So as you can see, things here are the same ol' boring stuff that I usually write about, and will continue to be until the flu fog lifts.


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