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Friday, March 17, 2006
friday cat blogging, and a trip (or 2) to the vet
rapt attentionI actually took this photo a few weeks ago and I'm using it now because they're in the same position right now. It's springtime, and this is where they sit and watch all the birds and ducks and squirrels and the occasional wayward goose. Yes, I do live in the middle of the 10th largest city in the United States, go figure.

Max is my 13yo black boy cat on the left (Deuce, 3.5yo tuxedo girl cat, is on the right) and he just had a stressful few days.

On Wednesday, he was very sensitive around his mouth area. I just thought he was being ornery, until he walked over to his food bowl, tried to take a bite of crunchy food, looked up at me and said, "MROWR!" as in "this hurts, dammit!" So tried to get him to open his mouth, and he wouldn't, but basically he was acting as if he had a broken tooth or an abscess or something along those lines. You know, something you don't want to mess with. I called the vet and got an appointment for 3:40...did I mention I have class at 4? Yeah. So I took him to the vet, the doctor didn't really find anything besides a mouth full of tartar and some gum inflammation. Max got a shot of antibiotics and I scheduled dental cleaning for the next morning. I took him home and made it for the second half of class. When I got home from class, we basically just hung out on the couch and I watched him all night to make sure he didn't spring some raging infection all of a sudden. He didn't. He certainly was less than thrilled with his mouth, though, and just hating it. I thought his chin looked a little puffy, but figured that was because of whatever else was going on.

So 7am rolls around and I take him in to the vet so he can get knocked out for a thorough teeth cleaning and mouth exam. I call around noon and the doctor said they cleaned everything up and only found a little bit of inflammation underneath all the crap. Yay, but why was he in so much pain? Well, basically the poor guy had one of those hidden painful inflamed gland things in his chin. The doc gave him a big ol' shot of kitty cortisone, and sent me home with bottle of goopy pink antibiotics to give him twice a day.

Let me tell you, he's just thrilled with getting 2ml of goopy pink antibiotics shoved down his throat twice a day. But he gets crunchy chicken and liver treats afterward, which he loves (and can now chew again), so it's all good.

He seems to be tons better today, his puffy chin is not so puffy, and he is generally acting like his predominantly lovable/sometimes ornery self.


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