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Saturday, March 11, 2006
Hungry Magazine - All Things Tasty
I love food, and I have the body to show it. I am a huge fan of the Slashfood group blog, and it was at Slashfood that I first saw a link to: Hungry Magazine - All Things Tasty. From their "About" section:
We are an online magazine covering all things tasty. We are not foodies. At least not in the elitist sense. We know the house salad at Olive Garden is just prepackaged circles of red onion, bits of frozen iceberg lettuce spit out from a commercial food shredder, tasteless black olives from a petri dish that have never even seen an olive branch, big fat garlicky salty croutons from the box, pepperoncinis cross bred to remove any sense of real spiciness so as not to offend "families", all tossed with a sweet italian vinaigrette, and if you are lucky, the hapless waiter or waitress will offer a fresh crack of pepper from the spicemill.

That being said, here is our dirty secret: We love the house salad at Olive Garden!
I love foodies who aren't Foodies, they're my kind of people. Seriously, I can enjoy a very expensive/hip/chic restaurant one day, and a greasy spoon the next. My favorite dessert? What I call "tall cake," because it's TALL. The perspective is a little off in these photos, but you can see how they're tall. They are not gourmet, but I love them just the same...and I love gourmet desserts as well. So yeah, I "get" the folks at Hungry Magazine.

Feature categories include things like "Do I Really Need a Pastry Torch?" (gear reviews), "Heirloom Foam" (techniques), "I Can't Believe it's Fast Food" (inspired moments at fast food or chain restaurants) and more, including standard interviews, reviews, recipes, etc. There's a Green Tea Cheesecake recipe I really want to try.

Check 'em out if you like all things foodie, like I do.



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