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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
still busy
Very little has changed since my "busy" post from a week ago. I am still busy.

Except the Middlemarch presentation is over. It went just fine from what I can tell. One of my school chums, who sits next to me, said, "You were effusive. I totally wasn't expecting that." I think that's good. Surprising, at least. I tend not to be effusive about Middlemarch. I think it helped that my Romanticism prof gave a little guest chat before my presentation—I was presenting on chapter 27, aka the Keepsake chapter, and literary annuals are my R prof's life's work so she brought in several (including the actual Keepsake that Plymdale would have given to Rosamond) and said some things. Then I talked about the chapter and focused on said annual, and it was fine. The same school chum referenced above said to me later, "now you're recruiting profs in your bid to take over the world. impressive." I'm not trying to take over the world, really. Just want to do a good job. I had no control over being randomly assigned the chapter with the Keepsake, I swear!

American Romanticism class will be stress-free this week, as I am not presenting. I presented last week, on the stylistic and thematic similarities/differences between Emerson's essay "The Poet" and Whitman's "Preface" to the 1855 Leaves of Grass. It went well. But Thursday is my Blake presentation, in British Romanticism. Wish I could switch brains with JD for a day! I'm stressed about it.

Still trying to settle on paper topics. Only 1013/33 on submitted chapters. But the big soul-sucking project from work, the "60-day" project we've been working on since August (not our fault, theirs, believe you me), we launched it this weekend. Been dealing with crap about it since then, and have straggly things like documentation to finish up, but in theory it's "done" although we are not yet out from under its grasp, totally.

So yeah, still busy. My "to review" list has a bunch of things on it. But the other day I changed some things in my sidebar and threw in some dynamic generation of links from my ma.gnolia account...they're the ones with the wee colored dots next to them. Kinda neat, I think.


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