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Sunday, April 30, 2006
chapters, magic erasers, brussels sprouts
I could have just called this "random bullets of crap" like everyone else...

- Chapters: Tonight/before dawn tomorrow I need to finish up and send the two remaining chapters for the 3rd ed. book I've been working on for fucking ever. Four months! I suck. I've messed up the editing process so much that I have these two brand new chapters to write while I also have PDFs to review of chapters that have already been through the five levels of editing and layout.

- Magic Erasers: On the phone with Mel today, she mentioned the dreamy product that is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works. It is awesome. Ok, it falls apart a little too quickly for my taste, but it's cheap enough that it's not an issue. Of course, we are now both dreadfully concerned that the magic eraser is actually some planet-poisoning little white square. However, I proposed that if either of us find out such information, we keep it to ourselves. (I'm kidding about that. If it's tremendously bad for the earth, I'm sure we'll both stop using it.)

- Brussels Sprouts: I love the little buggers. According to the memes I see floating around the blogosphere, poor little guys are almost universally despised. Good! More for me! But seriously, I think there's a secret society of people who love brussels sprouts. I was talking to the owner/cook at a little restaurant I adore, which happens to have brussels sprouts as a side dish. Nearly every time I go there, I get that particular veggie and I look around and lo and behold plenty of other people have the same side dish on their table. I mentioned this to the fellow and he said that they are one of the most popular side dishes there, and he thought for a moment about taking them off the menu for the spring menu revamp but realized he'd have a revolt on his hands so better to keep them on the menu. I just had some—not from the restaurant but from my own kitchen—and I'm full and happy and feel all healthy because of it. So there.


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