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Saturday, April 29, 2006
of paper-writing fairies and grading gnomes
I swear, someday soon I'll write about more than just school—probably on May 19th when I'll be done with everything for the semester. My last official class is May 11th, but for some reason the Romanticism prof has seen fit to actually use the "exam" day as a class day. Whatever. It's an extra week to work on the paper. I can honestly say I hate that class with every fiber of my being, which is unfortunate because I really like the poetry of the Romantic era. That's all I'm saying about that.

Back to the paper-writing fairy...I believe she paid a visit, or I just managed to get a draft done on my own. I vote for the former. Thanks to everyone in the comments who sent positive energy and good thoughts my way. That's always so nice!

Here's what actually happened: knowing that my brain was mushy on Tuesday night and no attempts at writing would actually produce anything, I took a nap. I got up at 1am and proceeded to dump words out of my brain until it was time to switch to work work (somewhere around 8am, I think). I already had the first page written, and eight more came out—including the all-important conclusion. Around page 7 I added a note: "here is where I will spend three pages talking about X, in the same way I just spent three pages talking about Y," knowing full well that my prof would be ok with that in this particular instance.

Through luck of the draw, I had my meeting with the prof to go over my draft the very next day. He gave me his marked-up copy and sent me along my way to fix some draft-y syntax here and there. That was it. Ok, it wasn't really it, as we used up the rest of the time to chat about smoothing out one particular statement, and then all the things I'll expand this essay to cover as it turns into my thesis next year. So there is some truth to my statement that when I finally get a moment to sit down and write, it comes out fully-formed. Let's hope I someday have a dissertation-size fully-formed chunk of stuff in my brain all ready to pop out. That would rock.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Just that I'll have one essay done two weeks early, so I can spend time on the other two. Whoo.

Now I hope the grading gnomes have visited Bardiac as desired!



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