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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Sometime around last Wednesday, I came down with some sort of crud. Really achy, feverish, coughing, the whole deal. It sucked. Still sucks. But I went to class on Wednesday because I had a presentation and wasn't really feverish yet. By the time Thursday rolled around, I knew I wouldn't be going to classes that day...but I had to go to campus for a brief meeting, so at least I could put the essay due that day in my prof's box. I made a lame joke about not being able to go to either the Romanticism or Victorian seminars that day because I was consumptive. No, I don't have consumption but that's how crappy I feel and I thought it made for a good chuckle.

But now it's Saturday and I still feel crappy and I still have a ton of things to do. Guess what? They're not going to get done. Oh well.
When my dad gets a cold or the flu, he always takes that opportunity to eat whatever he wants. For instance, once he had some sort of bug and he took that opportunity to eat a bag of potato chips. When asked what he was doing, he (innocently) said something along the lines of, "What? They're for my throat." Of course, that makes no sense because if you have a sore throat the last thing you want to eat is a handful of sharp crunchy things, but in my family it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

So yesterday when I went to the store to get kleenex and toilet paper and orange juice and so on, I also picked up some cream cheese brownies. What? They're for my throat.
Thanks to the folks who patted my head and also relayed stories about their first conference experiences, in the comments to this post. I talked to someone in my AmLit seminar who presented at this conference last year, and she said it was really stress-free and a lot of fun. So that's cool. Plus, it turns out there are no less than five of us going this year. Three undergrads proposed a panel that was accepted, and another grad student (also in my AmLit seminar) was accepted too, so there will likely be car-pooling. Rob, the other grad student, has the same goals I do: read my paper without passing out from nervousness, and hope to god no one asks any questions. So we can bond on that, even if his paper is something Shakespearean and mine is all 19thC AmLit. The undergrads are doing something medieval, I think. I don't recall. I just hope that our things aren't scheduled at the same time, so I can be all supportive for them. Go team!
I'm going back to my couch now. Everyone celebrating a holiday of some sort, have a nice one. I should have picked up some Peeps when I was at the store, but I forgot. Have you seen the Peep Research site? Funny stuff.



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