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Friday, June 16, 2006
random asterisks of crap
* I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I just had nothing to say.

* The wee gosling in my pond, shown here and here is almost all grown up. It is now 2/3 the size of its mother, and has all the goose coloration. I haven't seen it fly, though, but I also haven't seen its parents fly recently either (they just saunter from pond to pond, or swim). I wonder if they're going to stick around after the gosling is grown, or fly off to join their extended family? Probably the latter.

* Today I can register for my fall classes. It's not a big deal—I just like crossing things off the list.

* It's kinda neat to log in to the online system (note: it has taken a good three years for my school to get their shit together re: the vastly too expensive PeopleSoft installation, but right now the things I hate about it could be described as relatively minor. It's come a long way...) and click on either "student center" (my stuff) or "faculty center" (my class enrollment). Makes me feel all official.

* Idiot. Also an idiot.

* One of my cats (Max) successfully stalked a fortune cookie the other day. "Fortune cookie" is not a euphemism for "birdie" or really was a fortune cookie. He loves to lick them, don't know why. Anyway, I put the cookies inside a cabinet specifically so he wouldn't get them. Next thing I know, he comes trotting over to the coffeetable with a cookie in his mouth, sits down in front of me, and starts licking the thing to death. I now keep the cookies in the refrigerator.

* I learned some things about last semester's Most Horrible Teacher From Hell, and it was awesome and all vindicating and what not.

* You wouldn't know this, but Mel has a post brewing about X-Men: The Last Stand. I've been waiting for over a week to read it and then comment on it, but alas it has not yet shown up. This is what happenes when you have a post started (her) and then someone calls (me) and you essentially talk about all the things you planned to write about. I think the bottom line for both of us is that we have issues with everything in it. This is especially if you know anything about the actual X-Men universe in the comics, which we do. Or at least I do, and now she does because I told her.

* I have the hiccups now, so I must end this and take care of that. I also have to finish writing some text I've been staring at for days.


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