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Friday, July 07, 2006
a few random thoughts on a friday
* I just saw a black squirrel on my patio. Squirrels are not at all uncommon on my patio, but never a black one—just the common brownish ones.

* I haven't seen a chipmunk since I moved to California, and that's sad because I like chipmunks more than squirrels.

* Started to prepare my house for fixing-up, and that process begins with my annual purge of things. Now, it should be known that I do not own many things, and I do not keep many things. I'm the antithesis of a pack rat. I don't like clutter. It is true that I have a folder full of cards and letters and personal stuff like that, but just a folder not a box or boxes or anything. I have more books (and even then, just three hundred or so) than anything else. Anyway, so I packed some stuff up and put it in the storage closet, because hey—I'll be moving in a year. Yes, that's right. I've begun to pack a year in advance. But I had to move stuff somewhere since I'm re-flooring the house, so I figured this would be a good time to get some of that stuff all ready to a year. No, I won't need any of it between now and then.

* Because of the aforementioned moving around of things, and in this case the moving of my furniture from my bedroom into the living room (it consists of a bed I don't sleep in, plus a dresser, plus the paltry number of clothes-on-hangars), my cats are freaking out. Well, just Max—he's the one who has moved across country three times, and has lived in seven different houses, Deuce has only ever lived in this one. I tried to tell him that we're not moving right now and to chill out. I think he has—he claimed the high point of a pile of furniture and boxes all for his own.

* One of my tasks is to paint my bathroom. I picked a color that would coordinate with the wall color of the adjoining rooms—one is white, one is a blue, and no, dear co-workers who know I can't coordinate colors to save my life, I did not pick it out of the air. I used the paint company's online color coordinating tool thingy. Anyway, it was only as I wrote down the name of the color on my shopping list did I realize that the name of the color is...Contemplation. In the bathroom. Yeah.


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