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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
holy crap, it's july already
How'd that happen? (yeah, yeah, I know, Gregorian calendar and all that...but still) The last time I had a gap in posts, my parents started to worry. So here's a filler post because I don't have much to say. I blame it on Mel, because she calls and we'll talk and talk and talk and then have nothing to blog about. Well, that's not true because I get tons of things to blog about out of our conversations, but that's not cool to do if the other person doesn't agree. Much like how the other week I made a comment about my buddy and it pissed her off and I deleted it. I didn't even know she read this anymore, that's how disjointed we are in our buddyship. But that's another story, one I won't be telling.

But Mel? She calls yesterday morning and says "quick, what's your Myers-Briggs type?" Now come on, you don't just call and say that without wondering something along the lines of, oh, what did I say? I think it was, "the hell?" or something like that. Since I don't carry my M-B type around in my head I had to think a little bit. I know Mel is an INTJ and I knew I was 3/4 the same but couldn't remember which letter was different. I finally did—I'm an ISTJ—and thus began this whole conversation about M-B and differences and so forth, with Mel trying to "figure things out" about our friendship and what not. I kept saying things like "Dude! We've been friends for sixteen years. We're friends because we are. There's nothing to figure out. It isn't going to change."

I believe I was a tad on the mean and bitchy side because I totally wasn't taking it as seriously as she was. Ooops. Then I realized later if my buddy knew of this conversation, she'd start pointing and laughing at me because I do the exact same thing to her, only in Mel's role. I don't know my buddy's M-B type, but it sure would be interesting to know now. So I have sort of a different outlook on things, I guess, when really there aren't "things" on which to have outlooks, "things" just are. I'm nothing if not consistently inconsistent.



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