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Saturday, July 22, 2006
i give up. the heat wins.
The flooring guys will be here on Tuesday to install the rest of the laminate flooring. This means I have to rip up the carpet and baseboards before then, which I have. Well, that's not entirely true. A stack of the stuff is sitting outside my door because I have no more energy to drag it to the dumpster. Also, there's a small square of carpet still tacked down because...see above: I give up!

Oh yeah, I also started to paint the room. It's probably 1/3 complete. But again, see above: I give up!

Maybe tonight (after the sun goes down) I'll drag that stuff to the dumpster. Then tomorrow I'll finish painting in the morning—hooray for getting up before the sun—and then when it's a reasonable hour I'll pull up that remaining square of carpet (it involves a hammer).

The only furniture remaining in my living room/dining room is my couch and my TV/TV cabinet. My dining room table, which is not used for eating but for working, is currently in my kitchen. That's where I am right this moment. On Tuesday morning I will shove my couch into my bedroom and close the door, with the cats safely tucked in that room along with their litter, food, and water. Since the flooring was put down in there, they've spent the majority of their time in that room anyway, so it won't freak them out.

My TV/TV cabinet is heavy, and those slider things don't work so well on concrete. I think I'll leave it in the middle of the floor and slide it onto the finished laminate when the guys get to that spot, then slide it back in place when the floor is complete. I don't think that will be a big problem for them, because they won't have to do anything with it, and it'll be out of their way in the middle of the floor when the nail in the baseboards.

After Tuesday, I'll be done with a good chunk of stuff on this house-fixing list. It'll be down to some relatively minor painting in some small areas, demolishing/removing some bathroom sinks/cabinets, and then paying someone to replace bathroom sinks/cabinets, re-bath the shower/tub, and lay some linoleum in small areas. Compared to this crap, that's nothing. I really, really, really want to have as much of that done as I can before school starts in exactly one month. That's an agressive deadline, but boy will it be nice to rid my brain of this stuff.


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