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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
I recommend MUNDO CORP!
Kinda sounds like a Muppet—"Mundo!"—doesn't it? But Mundo Corp is a real company in Dandridge, TN that just happens to be "The Gateway laptop and Gateway notebook parts and repair specialists."

Now why do I recommend Mundo Corp? Because yesterday I ordered a replacement part (heat sink & fans) for my several-years-old M675 laptop, and UPS dropped it off just a little bit ago. I took out the old one, put in the new one, and I am once again a happy camper.

The fan—that is, the noise of the fan—was the one knock against the M675s when they came out a few years ago. But by the time my buddy got hers, and Kathy got her behemoth Gateway laptop, the Gateway folks had figured something out and put in a better fan. About a month ago, my fan developed a scraping noise, but whacking the side of my laptop fixed it and I moved on. Well, after a day of saying "oh my god, I have to get a new machine!" I moved on. Two days ago that noise came back, and I took it apart again and cleaned it out...boy did I clean it out. I've always cleaned out the innards (compressed air, yay!) but this time I flipped the entire assembly upside down and tilted it toward the light, then proceeded to pull a large chunk of dust and gunk. Remarkably, the fan worked much better after that, but the scraping noise was still there. I then noticed a missing fan blade, and fished it out of the inner workings. Voila, scraping noise went away.

But I went through another day of "oh my god, I have to get a new machine! It's almost 4 years old! It's noisy!" until wise friend talked me off the ledge and I went looking for a replacement fan. I had looked before and come up empty, but this time I modified my searching and found what I needed...from MUNDO CORP!

My computer is much quieter now, so much so that I had to flip it upside down and open up the back to ensure the fan was actually working (it was)! Yay. $100 for fan and fast shipping is much less than $1400 for a new machine. I continue to be a person who loves Gateway, and now with Mundo Corp I know I'm covered if ever I need a new part.


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