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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
i think my flooring guy is a robot
First, I'd like to congratulate California for staying powered on today. Spectacular! It was a few degrees cooler today (only 95 or so here), but still—hooray for conservation. I did my part by running only a small fan, the fridge, and my computer. I really had no choice, because the flooring guy had to have to door open all day...

Speaking of my flooring, it's really lovely. I'm so happy with it. I had better be happy, since I paid the equivalent of a small foreign car for it! I did a pretty crappy job on the painting this morning, though, and this weekend I'll redo three of the walls. No big deal. I also have to paint inside the coat closet. I'm particularly pleased with the wood and baseboards in the closet. Makes it look all professional, not like "oh, there's a closet there? Let me throw a carpet scrap on the floor" like the way it has been since I bought it. I've moved most of my furniture back into the living room (including the magic sleeping couch and the TV), and I'll do the rest tomorrow night and then give the floor a good swiffering.

The cats were lovely. They were in the bedroom all day long, and Max only puked twice in protest. Well, protest and the heat, I'm sure. He's puked several more times since then. Stress and all that. He'll get over it. Deuce, she of the wicked claws and teeth of two weeks ago, she was fine. She hid somewhere and made not a peep.

So why do I think my flooring guy is a robot? Because from 9:30 until 4:45, he worked and worked and worked and didn't take more than a 5-minute cigarette break, didn't drink anything, didn't eat anything, and most shocking of all—he didn't sweat. All I was doing was sitting at my table, in the kitchen, working at my laptop all day, and I was a damp and disgusting mess. He must be a robot.


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