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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
random asterisks of crap
* I look forward to holidays because they're usually accompanied by Law & Order or CSI marathons, and those make for awesome background noise. When I'm working or writing, I almost always have the TV on. I can't see it but I can hear it, and it's not distracting because typically I've seen the show a gajillion times. I don't often have music on, because it is distracting. I'll start to sing along in my head, or think off on a tangent about musical things, and that totally breaks my concentration.

* It's not nearly as hot here as it was the last few weeks. It was really hot, with an icon in my ForecastFox that I'd never seen. Along those lines, I just went to the ForecastFox site to see if I could find the icon to which I was referring (a blazing red thermometer), and I discovered you can change the icon set from the default® Classic set. I've now changed to the Simple Clear Icons pack. They're simple (and clear). I'll switch back if they're too simple and clear.

* I really, really, really want it to be August 23rd because I want classes to start. I realize this may be the last time (except maybe next summer) that I ever feel this way.

* I have almost all of my money gathered and my plan of action for the massive fixing-up of my house. Yes, this would be the same fixing-up that I planned over a year ago. But now I have a plan with incremental sticky notes like "go to Ikea and get 6 boxes of Tundra antique finish flooring" and "borrow sawhorses". It'll all be worth it when I sell my place next June and put a chunk of change in the bank to supplement the next six years of pure grad student earning/living. I always made the joke that if I didn't live in California (or a similar cost-of-living place) I could live off my royalties. I'll be putting that to the test in the '07-'08 academic year. Scary.

* The last gay person in America to see Brokeback Mountain (that'd be me) has finally seen it. I give it a big fat "meh." I got concerned halfway through because I wasn't crying. See, I cry at everything vaguely emotional. I thought perhaps it was because I couldn't hear a fricking thing anyone was saying. Maybe it was different in the theatre, but in my living room it sure sounded like everyone mumbled the way through the movie. Great soundtrack, though. But I just didn't care about anyone in it. I also have Walk the Line and Capote here to watch, so we'll see if it's some character flaw I've developed recently, in which I don't care about anything, or if it was just this movie.

* I've been sleeping like shit for the last month, for no good reason except maybe the heat (but I have AC so...I dunno). When my buddy called me this morning at 8:30 to report a soccer score, she was all aghast: "It's too late for you to be still asleep, and it's too early for a nap!" Very true. I need to get back to waking up at my regular 4:47am alarm. It's disturbing to be asleep after the sun comes up. It also freaks out my cats, who think the world is going to end if dawn has arrived and I'm still asleep, and the light is not on in the aquarium, and the curtains are blocking their view of the pond.


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