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Monday, July 10, 2006
a smelly day in san jose, and home improvement
I hate hate hate it when the smell of Gilroy wafts northward to my fair city. Although I love garlic in its cooked form, the smell of garlic—nay, the stench of garlic—in its raw form, in great amounts, is putrid. Ok, not really putrid, but really annoying and disgusting. It sticks to you for days. Maybe it just sticks to me. Maybe there's some chemical bond that takes place between my Italian blood and the smell of garlic, such that it makes it more difficult to wear off. I dunno. I just know it's really smelly.

In other news, I gave it the old college try re: doing the flooring in my bedroom. In this instance, it wasn't my lack of skill that prohibited me from completing it—it was the absolute suckiness of the flooring. Let it be known there is a reason the Ikea Tundra flooring is really cheap. There's "floating floor" and then there's "planks that never intend to lock together on the sides," and this flooring was of the latter variety. Uncool.

So I figured if I was going to go a step or two up in the cost of the floor (to get planks that were more apt to lock together), then by god a professional was going to do it. As such, flooring guys will be here at 10am (or thereabouts) to quickly do the floor and baseboards in my 12x13 bedroom. Next week, after I have time to move all my living room stuff into my bedroom, rip up the carpeting, etc in the living room, and freshen up the walls, they'll come and do the big room. Hooray, that will all be done.

Now that I've started down the path of professional installers, I'm less likely to do other things on my own. Basically, the Great List of Home Improvement tasks has been broken into "jobs to hire out" and "jobs to do myself" and the latter list is much smaller! But the good news is that everything on the list should be done before school starts, and thus a super huge weight will be lifted from my brain for the next year, and all I'll need to concentrate on is getting my ass to Davis (or any other school to which I am applying, but Davis is where I want to go).


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