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Monday, July 24, 2006
this is getting old
Power went out again at 2pm. It just came 9:25pm.

The worst part of it is that calling the outage number (on my cel, because my cordless phone doesn't work when the power is out) to get a time estimate for restoration of service, they didn't even try to guess. I got the ol' "due to widespread outages, we have no idea" answer. Lovely.

So. Flooring guys come tomorrow, and I still haven't finished painting the walls. Good thing they don't come until 10am.

On the plus side, I've rediscovered how lovely it is to sleep in a bed. See, I don't use a bed. I have a perfectly lovely bed and I've slept in it exactly five times in the last four years. I am a sleep-on-the-couch-in-front-of-the-TV person. I don't like the silence and the dark of a bedroom. Yes, I realize that can be solved with a clock radio, but then I'd miss all the TVLand and Nick at Nite and Cartoon Network shows. I'm only partially kidding.

Anyway, since the TV is currently in the bedroom with all the rest of my stuff (unplugged and shoved in the closet), and the couch is currently standing on its end in my kitchen (great kitty fun!), I had no choice but to curl up on part of my bed (the other part has many boxes full of books) and chant for coolness. The coolness never arrived, but I did take a few naps. I might have to re-train myself to sleep in a bed.

But damn, this heat needs to break and the power needs to stay on. I can't imagine how the elderly are doing (according to the news, not terribly well).


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