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Friday, August 04, 2006
random bullets of crap, friday edition
* must. finish. blogher posts.

* had my first teacher freakout dream last night. in this one, I had everything prepared for day one and my entire schedule shifted to accomodate my 8:30 am class, which (in my dream) I arrived at five minutes early and..oh yeah did I mention my class starts at seven thirty? That dream sucked.

* I actually do have everything prepared for day one except I have to make copies of my syllabus. The syllabus is complete and turned in to the dept. office for placement in the Big Binder O'Syllabi. I have my employee-rate parking pass (awesome!), office key has been ordered, copy account set up, paperwork all done, books in the bookstore, and books for my own classes are in my possession. Bring it on, August 23rd!

* August 9th is the next meeting of my study group for comps. Last time we met, we did the Greeks. This next time we decided to ramp it up—we're covering Beowulf through Marlowe. Although we read all the stuff on the list, each of us has extra responsibility to lead discussion for one or more works (depending on their length). This time around I'm personally responsible for all of Dante.

* Speaking of Italians, last night I made this pasta/cabbage/potato dish and it was really good. I was a bit hesitatant about potatoes in my pasta, but what happens is that they soften up and blend in with the butter and the garlic and the cheese so that it makes the dish sort of saucy. I know it sounds like I just described pasta with a mashed potato sauce, and I suppose I am, but it's not really like that. It's more...chunky. Hell, just try it if it sounds appealing. It's very easy and very tasty.

* Anyone in the general vicinity of Palo Alto who wants to go see a Strangers on a Train at the Stanford Theatre sometime this weekend, holler—I'm going at some point Saturday or Sunday.


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