No Fancy Name
Sunday, August 27, 2006
since it's not about MY ACTUAL STUDENT, I can blog this
It's Sunday (today). The phone rings. Caller ID shows an actual name and not "unknown," so I answer it thinking that if it's a wrong number I can at least tell them so, or if it's one of my friends calling from someone else's phone, I won't miss the call.

The person on the other end was neither of the two options.

caller: May I speak to Professor Julie Meloni?
I'M NOT A PROFESSOR. I ranted about people using "professor" without actually having the rank, over here. But whatever.

me: [puzzled] This is Julie.

caller: Hi, I'm [name] and I'm a [sport] player and was out of town until this week and I see you have an opening in your class at [time].
WTF? While it's true that it's schedule adjustment time and technically in my class I have one seat, I have a waitlist. Plus, um, what the fuck?

me: [not even politely] I have a waitlist.

caller: Oh, but...

me: [interrupting] Could you tell me how you got this number?
If she was given the number by someone, I want to know who it was.

caller: In the phone book.

me: Ah. Just so you know, this probably isn't the tack you want to take with faculty, calling random people at home on a Sunday evening.
/makes mental note to remove name from phone book

caller: ok, thanks!

Shall we examine just how many things are wrong with this exchange?

[I should reiterate that moving forward I'm not going to talk about my actual students or class except in very general ways like "fun!" or "I gave a crappy lecture," because I am not an anonymous blogger. Heck, even if I were an anonymous blogger I probably wouldn't be any more specific than that. I have an outlet for venting. But this student...sheesh. Not actually mine.]



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