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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
tuesday bullets of crap
* The new Blogger Beta has some really, really, really great things. I have 43 screenshots sitting on my desktop waiting to be discussed. That's a lot! But they're all very cool. Good stuff.

* Over the weekend I sat down and organized all manner and sorts of application stuff for PhD programs. I'm only applying to five, but damn—that's a lot of shit to track down/keep track of. Luckily, the three people I'm asking to do rec letters are all really responsible/non-absent-minded folks, so handing forms and envelopes to them with sticky notes re: what goes where won't be a stressful experience.

* The stressful experience that did occur? Realizing that my last two chances to bolster my score in the GRE subject test fall on day 1 of the 2-day MA comprehensive exam (Nov 4) and also on the day of the composition final exam (Dec 2). I could choose to take part 1 of the MA exam in the spring and therefore the GRE subject test in Nov, but if I biff it then I'd be screwed (whereas if I biff it in the fall I can take it again in the spring). I did find out that it's possible to arrange a fill-in proctor for the composition final—just have to run it by the chair. I have a fill-in proctor lined up, so it looks like that's the way I'll go, taking the subject test in Dec. Yes, I know that the scores are relatively meaningless, but given that I will have studied and taken the comprehensive exams by the time I re-take the subject test, I am confident I can improve my score dramatically, so I have to at least try.

* Grad school pal called me last night to go have coffee, turns out she was in need of talking to someone who understands crazy grandmas. Oh yeah, trust me...I know about bat-shit crazy grandmas. They finally were able to put mine in a home. Well, just the one. The fundamentalist christian simpleton still manages to do her thing on her own. But the mushy-brained paranoid one is in old-people lockdown. I wish my grandmothers were like my buddy's grandma—she's perfectly lucid and able, her only problem is she's overly stoic in the face of tragedy...but it's not a problem for her. She's a great lady. But I digress.



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