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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
willing myself to be well
Please don't be sick...please don't be sick. But I am! Apparently a lot of people are sick around these parts, so I won't look terribly out of place when I stand in front of my class tomorrow and take roll/talk about the syllabus/give them a grammar diagostic with a hankie permanently attached to my person.

Yesterday was meeting day, and it certainly was interesting. I got a chance to introduce myself to a few people I hadn't yet officially met (such as our new graduate coordinator, who was on sabbatical last year), and it was nice to see some people who were in my classes last year but who are now adjuncts (having graduated in Dec or May). This latter group of folks contains some very nice and helpful people. In fact, there are really only a few curmudgeonly faculty (some older, some not at all) who are totally negative about the whole first year composition experience. I think we (new TAs) will forego any tips they could provide, and instead will get our info from all the positive folks. I believe it's better for all involved.

I, of course, plan to tap into the resources of my blogospheric friends whenever possible! You guys are the best. I really wish we could make "Blogosphere U." Think of the possibilities! PZ Myers would be in charge of all things science, natch. Janet could handle things philosophical. Susan would be in charge of the secret things she does, Mel and Jason could fight over things Victorian, Chuck would be the film and media guy...oh the list goes on and on. Would Bérubé be prez, or should we keep him in the trenches, shaping young minds with his dangeral studies?

But I digress.

School. It starts tomorrow.



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