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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
some pet peeves
Believe me, I have plenty. Most people do. But here are two very specific things that annoy the living crap out of me on a daily basis:

* You know the XML-based content feeds produced by blogs/web sites/etc which are then aggregated by a reader of some sort? They're called RSS or Atom feeds (depending on the format type). They are not called "Bloglines feeds" or "[insert other news reader] feeds." These content feeds are aggregated by a reader of the user's choice, and that reader can be called an RSS reader, feed reader, feed aggregator, news reader (etc). Bloglines is not the only feed reader out there. Content feeds are not called "Bloglines feeds" (see above). Over 60% of readers in use are something other than Bloglines.

* RADIO BUTTON. Not "radial" button. In forms on a web site, the little circular form control is called a radio button. It has a very specific purpose, just like a checkbox. Checkbox series (or single boxes) allow the reader to select multiple elements, such as "apple" and "orange" and "banana" and "pear" etc. Radio buttons are used when only one answer is allowed/expected, such as "yes" or "no". Web "developers" who provide checkboxes for "yes" or "no" questions, thereby allowing a user to select both "yes" AND "no," can be held responsible for all time-space continuum/paradox problems in society. I firmly believe marketing people are responsible for perpetuating the "radial" button phrase, much like people who use "would of" instead of "would have" because they hear would've but since they don't read they don't know that would've is actually a contraction while "would of" just makes no sense. [see also: "could of" and "should of"]

To recap: Bloglines is a reader. RSS or Atom is the type of a feed read by a feed reader. Circular on/off form controls are called radio buttons. Radial is the type of a tire.

Thank you.


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