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Thursday, October 12, 2006
PPP: Hosting Zoom's Failover Hosting Packages
Trust me, there are a gazillion web server hosting providers out there. It is very difficult to differentiate between all the various low-cost shared server environments, especially if you aren't technologically savvy and just want "something that works."

"Works" is one thing. "Machines that stay up," "networks that don't drop packets," and "easy to administer" are another story.

Suppose you're a blogger who just wants to publish your blog to a custom domain (via Blogger, WordPress, MovableType, etc.) or you want to set up a basic website for yourself, your business, your academic endeavors, whatever. You probably don't want to deal with anything that isn't push-button or easily admnistered via ftp/ssh/scp/sftp; that is, you probably don't want to play superuser or root user or someone (like me) who thinks this comic is hilarious.

Enter Hosting Zoom, a hosting provider with an important, differentiating feature: clustered failover hosting for shared servers. Essentially, this means that every $12.95/mo (cheaper if you pay quarterly or annually) virtual host has the same clustered failover technology that large companies put into place (for tens of thousands of dollars) for their enterprise applications.

Bottom line? It's a freaking great deal.

Take a look at the basic hosting package and you'll notice all the good stuff is there (emails, languages, databases, etc). Additionally, all virtual hosts are maintained (by you) via cPanel, which is my personal favorite control panel software. In addition to cPanel, Hosting Zoom uses the Fantastico add-on, giving you one-click install access to a ton of things. I've used cPanel + Fantastico to install several different blogging platforms and other add-ons for various clients. It's good stuff. Also, the name always makes me chuckle.

So, if you're in the market for shared server space for your own domain, I'd recommend checking out Hosting Zoom.

[The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own, although this post was sponsored via PayPerPost. I take my recommendations seriously regardless of payment status. For my views on the matter, please read this post.]



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