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Saturday, August 19, 2006
I switched my blogs to Blogger Beta

switched to blogger beta

I have switched my blogs over to Blogger Beta, which is the first step in trying to provide to you, dear readers, information about the process, the features, etc.

The dashboard is so lovely now, no? Also, the new NavBar—both contain far more useful elements than before. Thank you, Blogger Team, for listening to your users.

Actually, I believe that "thank you" is applicable to all the changes they've made, but I reserve judgement on that until I see with my own two eyes just how much we can tweak our templates and still use the new layout system.

However, I am very confident in the Blogger Team's ability to deliver on this, as Jason has stated:
Fortunately, it's always been part of our plan to introduce a new Edit HTML system for Blogger in beta. This system will not only let folks have the degree of customizability they desire, but it will let you create templates that are customizable with the Layouts system. Right now we are finishing the first version of this system and will be introducing in the "days not weeks" timeframe.
Plus, Pete has been answering questions at Freshblog, and I'm sure neither of these guys would bounce around the internet talking about their baby unless they really meant what they said.

My plan is to go total Layouts system for the blog for my book, and Layouts/Custom combo for this blog, when the combo is available.

The only downside to using Blogger Beta right now is not a Blogger issue per se, and even it's being worked on as we speak. That is, I can't use Performancing for Firefox because the hooks aren't in for the new API. I'm confident a new build will be available soon, though.

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